It is my honor to serve as National Chair of the Trump Victory Finance Committee (TVFC) and lead this incredible group of nationwide volunteer fundraisers who are playing a pivotal role to ensure President Trump’s campaign has the necessary resources to deploy the most far reaching ground game in the history of presidential politics.

As I travel throughout this great country, I am humbled by the thousands of hardworking Americans who are eager to financially support President Trump and his America First agenda. By joining the TVFC, you are joining an army of volunteer fundraisers who are reaching out to their families, friends and neighbors to bring in contributions small and large to ensure we have FOUR MORE YEARS of President Donald J. Trump!

New donors are vital to the success of this campaign, and the TVFC is a great way to involve friends, family and colleagues in this historic election. No contribution is too small. The average donation to the Trump Campaign in 2019 was $38.

As you engage your personal networks to contribute to President Trump, you will reach different fundraising goals and benchmarks that earn you membership status within the TVFC and enjoy the benefits of their corresponding membership levels, as well as participation in events across the country. You will also receive special briefings and communications that will keep you in the know, and you will have all the tools you need for success in the program.

Thank you for your continued support of President Donald J. Trump! I look forward to working with you to achieve four more years of growth and prosperity for this great nation!


Kimberly Guilfoyle


National Chair, Trump Victory Finance Committee

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